The main dubber of Bud Spencer in Italy is Glauco Onorato, who with his characteristic voice, successfully enriched the character of Bud Spencer with many particularities. In some movies the dubber is Sergio Fiorentini (Botte di Natale, Al limite and the series of Detective Extralarge). In the movie Oggi a te domani a me the dubber is Ferruccio Amendola
Spencer also wrote the complete or partial screenplay for some of his movies. His fan base is particularly large in Europe. His feature film career slowed down after 1983, shifting more toward television. In the 1990s he acted in the TV action-drama "Extralarge".

Personal life
After appearing in Più forte, ragazzi!, Spencer became a jet airplane and helicopter pilot. He established Mistral Air in 1984, an air-mail company that also transports pilgrims, but later sold it to Poste Italiane to buy a textile mill that produced clothes for children.

Career in politics
In 2005, Pedersoli entered politics, unsuccessfully standing as regional counselor in Lazio for the Forza Italia party. Spencer has stated: "In my life, I've done everything. There are only three things I haven't been - a ballet dancer, a jockey and a politician. Given that the first two jobs are out of the question, I'll throw myself into politics."The opposition criticised him for engaging in "politica spettacolo" ("showbiz politics").


Born:Carlo Pedersoli 31 October 1929 (age 80) Naples, Italy
Other name(s) :Carl Spencer
Writer, Actor, former Swimmer, Singer, Composer, Jurist, Screenplaywriter, Fashion designer, Record producer.
Years active: 1951-present -
Spouse: Maria Amato (1960-present)
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